Investment Philosophy


Invest in High Quality Companies with Superior Management


A cornerstone of Agincourt Capital Partnersí investment philosophy is to invest in businesses which possess sound operating fundamentals and a capacity for growth.  Consequently, we regard a companyís competitive position and the general dynamics of its industry to be of primary importance.  In addition, we regard the management team and their level of experience, skill and entrepreneurial drive to be an important factor in our evaluation of a company.


Develop Partnerships with Owners & Operating Management


Agincourt Capital Partners seeks to create a partnership atmosphere with the management of portfolio companies in order to foster the teamwork and constructive approach necessary to maximize a companyís potential.  Accordingly, we believe in meaningful equity participation and cash compensation incentives which enable our owner/management partners and other key personnel to benefit from post-acquisition growth in profitability.


Make Strategic and Operational Advisory Resources Available to Portfolio Companies


Many smaller companies do not have enough scale to justify the cost of expensive consulting resources and may benefit from an ability to access the strategic advice and viewpoints our network of contacts in a variety of industries.  We have assembled an Advisory Board to include professionals from various industries and operational disciplines in order to make these resources available to portfolio companies.


Investment Management


We believe that our partnership approach, with meaningful ongoing participation of management and former majority owners, simplifies post transaction governance because all partiesí interests are aligned.  Board representation commensurate with managementís role is the norm, and provisions which afford protection of minority shareholder rights are structured with this philosophy in mind.  It is our view that the alignment of economic interests of all parties is absolutely fundamental to optimal governance.



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